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Frequently Asked Questions

I have decided to go on holiday, or my child is unwell, do I still need to pay my nursery fees?

Unfortunately, as outlined in the terms and conditions that you sign on start up, full payment is still required during these times

If I want to swap my child's day of attending at nursery what happens?

If your request is a permanent change, this must be discussed with the nursery manager to ascertain if they can accommodate this change. 
If it is a one off change for that week only, we only be able to accommodate this under exceptional circumstances and must be authorised by the office staff via email.

My child is on antibiotics can they attend nursery? 

If a child is prescribed antibiotics, they are required to stay at home for 48 hours from the first dose.

Can my child attend nursery whilst taking calpol or other medication 

If your child is poorly, we would ask that you keep them at home until they are well enough to attend. 
If you have given your child calpol or another form of paracetamol before attending nursery, you must inform a member of the team. 

If your child presents with a temperature whilst in nursery, you will be contacted to collect them and we would only administer emergency calpol if the temperature is very high. 

If your child is on any other form of medication you must ensure that you sign the medication form with a staff member 

Please see our exclusion table for all illnesses and the period in which children need to remain at home for.

How can I request and pay for extra sessions?

If you would like your child to attend an extra session, you will first need to speak to the setting manager with your request. 
All extra sessions must be paid in cash on the day of the extra session, unless alternative arrangements have been authorised with the office team

What happens if my nursery offers extra curricular activities such as swimming or dancing?

If your nursery offers an extra curricular activity, you will be informed of this and will be able to book your child onto this activity. 
You will be provided with an invoice for the sessions and payment must be made, directly to the nursery using cash payments. 
The payments are not added into your monthly fees invoice and must remain separate.

Do you close for bank holidays and Christmas?

Yes, we are closed for every bank holiday & we are closed for the week between Christmas and New Year.
As per the terms and conditions that you sign at the start of your time with nursery, these sessions are charged for.

Where can I find the nursery policies?

Your nursery manager will email you the full parent policies once your child is signed up to start with us


Exclusion table

Please find the exclusion table from Lancashire Health Protection Team

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